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Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

There are many reasons why men and women no longer want a Tattoo. In the past there were limited effective treatments to remove them.  Now these tattoos can be safely treated using our state of the art NdYAG laser.

At Sage Aesthetic we provide a complete service.  At your initial free consultation we will take the time to ensure that the treatment is suitable and safe for you.  Your test patches are also free at Sage. You pay only for the treatment sessions you need. 

Does it hurt?

The sensation of the laser can be uncomfortable.  However, most patients feel that having the tattoo applied was more painful than removal.  If needed, we are happy to provide anesthetic cream for your comfort.

Why do I need a course of several treatments?

The laser light breaks the ink in your tattoo into smaller pieces and in the weeks following treatment your body digests the tattoo.

Most professional tattoos will need at least six sessions for a good result.  It should be noted that some may need significantly more and some may need less (non-professional tattoos are often more superficial and need fewer treatment). 

The colour of your tattoo will also have an effect on the number of sessions needed and also how well it will fade.  In general terms blue/black/red/brown tattoos are the best colours for removal.

Are there any side effects?

The skin at the site of the tattoo removal can become paler than the surrounding skin. This effect can be temporary or permanent. After the treatment there can be blistering and pin point bleeding. Rarely there can be allergic reactions requiring the use of an antihistamine.

Size and Cost?

At Sage Aesthetic we divide tattoos into small, medium and large. But we don’t just go by size. If your tattoo covers a big area but is mainly space this will take fewer shots and we can charge less. For ‘sleeves’ we have to charge more depending on the number of shots used. We are always happy for you to send us pictures of your tattoo so we can estimate the cost.

As with all treatments at Sage, your Cosmetic Treatments will be carried out by doctors in our comfortable clinic.